" The problem with human attraction is not knowing if it will be returned. "
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always ask a snail where they are going and if they need help getting there

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when I’m in a relationship with someone we are doing as many of these as we can

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" Girls are not machines that you put kindness coins into until sex falls out. "

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oh my god she is a fucking boss

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Been feeling pretty troubled and emotional recently. To the point where i even cried in seminars/conferences.
It’s work related.
You know alot of times christians tend to think working in church is the best job cauz everyone’s so Godly and kind and angelic, etc etc etc…


Christians are humans and still have tendency to sin. Hence, we can rub each other the wrong way.
However, by the grace of God, we can solve differences and work together as the body of Christ ought to. It takes effort and time.

Ministry would’ve been great if it were not for the people hahahahah. Even Jesus seemed upset at one point when He said to the ppl, “oh how long will i have to put up with you…” (Speaking in the context of Him ministering to the people of course)

I willingly let ppl trample on me, i let them treat me like a slave, i let them use me all they can. Ppl still complain and want more. It makes me so mad all the time yet i cant say “NO” cauz i feel bad. I am a servant of the Lord and also tp the church. I consider myself lowlier that the congregation.

I shouldnt be surprised but i am very. Sometimes i ask myself if i’m nuts. Read this: I ENJOY WORKING IN CHURCH despite all these crap i receive. It actually feels like i am marrying my life to the church.

Truly the grace of God that helped me peservere. I guess it’s a calling and a lesson God has to teach me for future. This is just the beginning…

Of course i experience great joy too. When i see joyful faces just because they enjoyed the service, when i receive an encouraging text to spur me on, when ppl (the least expected ones) see you struggle and offer to give a helping hand.

So to all my church-going friends out there, please look out for these ppl and try to lessen their burdens, give them a smile, an encouraging word, a helping hand. Dont take them for granted. (:

And thanks to my sweetest friends who had the heart to talk to me and ask me how i felt today. So timely. See? God knows.

" An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way. "
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