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Few days ago, we were brought to an orphanage. The first house had cute little kids running around in a home school classroom.
They could talk and walk normally. We were briefed about what how they run the house. The orphanage was ran by an elderly couple from the united states. They were lovely. The orphanage had about 20 kids.
They then asked whether we wanted to visit the other dormitories down the street. First we went to the boys’ dorm. We just stood at the entrance because there wasnt much to see. The boys were still schooling.

We went over to the girls’ dorm just beside. There were 3 disabled girls there. One was lying on a pillow with her body slightly twisted. She was skinny and her height was around a 4 year old’s height. Guess her age? 12. The other girl sitting beside her was also skinny and around the same height. She is 8. She’s really cheerful and playful. And the other girl in a baby chair. I’m not sure how old. She seemed like she was in a daze. All these girls had cerebal palsy. At first i didnt really feel anything. I’ve seen many kids having these problems and i just felt pity.

Then we saw a boy came out of the kitchen. (He was in the girls’ dorm cauz the caretaker was there) he was about 12 i think. He just got cataracts removed and has autism. The person who was bringing us around said, “dont be surprised he likes to go around hugging people.” And the moment she said that, he went to one of my classmates and hugged him.

That was when i broke down immediately. I sobbed. I dont know why. I was overwhelmed with compassion, sorrow and love for these kids. I felt God saying all these kids need is love. Alot of it. It was an emotional day. Made me think about alot of things. What if i’m called to help them? I really dno but it may be a possibility. I can just say, “here i am Lord, send me where you want to go.”

" A tongue has no bones but it can break a heart. "
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