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Last night was an adventurous night with Jacq. We did so many silly photoshoots beside a toilet, in a cargo lift and in the carpark. 

My pretty Jacq <3

Me.. hehee

We were also talking about relationships, dating, marrying, etc… Usual WOMANLY stuff ladies discuss about.

So i was thinking about what my dream proposal would be like. Lmao. i am so embarrassed but i need to jot it down cauz 10 years later, i’ll find this so hilarious. ***Please refrain from judging!!!

Where: Parks, anywhere with greenery, where i can star-gaze, quiet cafes. no restaurants, no hotels, no crowded, noisy areas.

When: Day or night would be fine. Or when I’m wearing something nice (in case someone wanna snap a photo of the proposal or something hahaha)

How: Anything. just be creative. Don’t have to be so elaborate. No flashmobs please.

With who: ONLY close friends and family.

Okie… am i missing anything? i guess i’ll fig out as time goes by. Right now, i’ll just enjoy being single before i become like a caged-bird. *sad face* 

I’m flying off to India tomorrow! WHEEEE~~~

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tumblr’s self loathing is stale as fuck. yeah i get that you procrastinate and dont like pants and are bad at texting back. now lets move onto some real deep shit like how you lowkey hate your father or how youre afraid of taking responsibility for your shit life so you live vicariously though the characters in your shitty tv shows or how you sleep too much.

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Okay so i just passed a checkpoint of my short bible missions course at antioch.
Yesterday i did my 3 minute preaching test. Pastor really had a marking scheme on position, security, visual aids, volume, tone, timing, etc. What i was stressed about most was to keep within the timing.
Well, i got a genius revelation to preach on time. So i titled my sermon “3 minutes”. Hahahaahahahaha. Injected some humour into it, some God inspired provoking phrases, bla bla bla… Tadaaa! Done.
Going up to preach was okay. Once i came back to my seat, my legs were JELLY.
and i ended right on the dot of 3.00000minutes! WOOHOO Then my tummy started turning sour and felt like it had an ulcer trying to tear my guts open. Pain as heck. Then i went to puke. I think it was the nerves.
But overall, thank God for helping me get over with it!!! Phewww…
5minutes one coming up next tuesday.