Nemo: a smaller fin (disability)

Marlin,¬†nemo’s dad:¬†paranoid personality disorder

Dory: Short term memory loss

Pearl, octopus: A shorter tentacle (disability)

Sheldon, seahorse: H2O intolerant

Bruce the shark: self deception that fish are friends, not food. Also has abandonment issues from his dad

Gill, angelfish (leader of the tank gang): into conspiracy theories

Jacques, cleaner shrimp: obsessive compulsive disorder

Bloat, pufferfish: Emotional disorder

Bubbles, yellow tang fish: neurotic about bubbles

Deb (and Flo), reflective black-and-white damsel fish: delusional

Gurgle, a royal gramma fish: mysophobia (fear of germs)

Crush, turtle: thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie

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